4 Signs Your RV Roof Needs Repair or Replacement

If you own an RV, then you know that one of the most important parts of the vehicle is the roof. Not only does it protect you and your family from the elements, but it also keeps all of your belongings dry and safe. That's why it's so important to make sure that your RV roof is in good condition.

But how long does the roof on an RV last? On average, your roof can last you about 20 years until it’s time to repair or replace. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch for signs of damage or problems with a younger roof. If your existing roof is around five to ten years old, you can expect some leaks depending on the usage, age, and condition of your RV.

Here are four signs that your RV roof needs repair or replacement. If you notice any of these signs, make sure to contact the team at Tennessee RV FlexArmor right now!

sunroof with possible leak


One of the most obvious signs that your RV roof needs attention is leaks. If you notice water stains on the ceiling or walls of your RV, then it's time to take action. Leaks can cause serious damage to your RV over time, so it's best to address them as soon as possible. Over time the rain, wind, snow and UV rays from the sun can break down the seals and your RV roof material. It's best to get it inspected if you have any signs of leaking. Our team can inspect your roof and give you a Free Estimate quickly!

guy on RV looking for damage


Another sign of trouble is cracking in the roof. These can be caused by age, weather, or even impact damage. If you see any cracks, it's important to have them repaired as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

guy on RV looking for damage

Cracked Sealant and Damaged Flashing

If you notice any cracked sealant or damaged flashing on your RV's roof, then it's time for repair or replacement. Regular drying or cracking along with improper installation can lead to cracking or other signs of damage — and makes it likely that water is leaking through the RV roof. On top of that, delaminated fiberglass walls, brown rusted screws, or swollen wood are all signs that you might have a leak in your roof. Make sure you take care of the repair right away!

guy inspecting RV


Finally, if you notice that your RV roof is sagging or drooping, then this is a serious problem that demands immediate attention. Sagging roofs can collapse, which can cause serious injury or even death if left unrepaired.

RV Roof Repair and Replacement in Tennessee

If you notice any of these four signs, then it's time to get RV roof repair or replacement services. Don't wait until the damage is too severe — take action now to protect your investment. Tennessee RV FlexArmor is a leading provider of RV roofing services, so contact us today to schedule a consultation or to get a free estimate!